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  “It’s more than a rifle---it’s history” 


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The Hawken Shop T Shirt
100% Preshrunk Cotton
With the world famous Hawken Shop logo on the front and 
"Genuine Hawken simply the best"
on the backside.
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Hawken Shop Hat
Waxed Canvas, embroidered in the USA. Adjustable, one size fits all.

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Hawken Shop Belt Buckle

Pewter buckle styled after The Hawken Shop logo
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Flinters Tool 
This unique tool was specifically designed by THE HAWKEN SHOP for the shooter of flintlock guns. The long surface may be used to “knap’ the gun’s flint and even the striking edge for better sparking. The long backside of this tempered, high carbon tool has been specially prepared to throw a shower of sparks for fire starting 
competition. A touch hole pick has been fitted in rear section, ready to fold out and use. A hole has been drilled for inserting a leather thong making the tool easier to hold when acting as flint and steel fire starter. A durable screwdriver is always a handy item to have, and the 1/4 Cut in the front lower section (which may be enlarged it necessary) may be slipped over a 
tensioned mainspring to hold it for easy removal and lock repair
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Extension Jag Set
Precision machined jag tip available for 45, 50 54, and 58 caliber.
Drill bit- for cutting screw entry hole in ball, is also an effective patch puller. Opposite end screw tip is for ball removal. 
4" extension shaft to make work rod out of ordinary ramrod. 
Base section for attachment to ramrod. 
4 Piece Extension Jag 
Tip sections available separately as remainder of jag is standard. 

This machined all brass 4 piece cleaning jag has the unique ability of serving not only as a patch jag, but has concealed in its 3 piece removable shaft a reversible drill/screw section. This tiny drill bit enables an entry hole to be drilled into a stuck ball allowing screw tip to be inserted without spreading the ball for easy removal. 4 extension shaft gives the ordinary ramrod a working rod’s capability allowing more hand hold area. Overall length, fully assembled is 7 1/2". Available in calibers 45, 50, 54 and 58. 
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The Mountain Man Board Game

 The acquisition of the Louisiana purchase in 1803 and the return of Lewis and Clark from their expedition set the stage for St. Louis to become a major player in the fur trade era. Leave St. Louis, “Gateway to the West” on your adventure. Will you return with a fortune in furs to purchase your “Hawken Rifle" or lucky to have your top knot? Sounds deceptively easy doesn’t it, but as you begin, you will find that survival is a matter of skill and sometimes pure luck. Will you have your rifle close at hand when the Grizzly Bear appears? Or end up like Hugh Glass, left to crawl half way across a continent after his encounter with a bear. Two years of extensive research makes this board game a realistic adventure into the “Hawken era. Designed primarily for ages 1 2 and older. 
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Young Griz Bullet Lube

The finest blend of ingredients which clean the bore each time you shoot. As you shoot, each loading becomes easier not more difficult! Young Griz is a newly developed natural lube especially for the bullet shooter. 
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Ol Griz Patch Lube and Bore Cleaner
The finest blend of all natural water soluble ingredients which suspends black powder residue and breaks it down, allowing the bore to be cleaned each time you shoot. Truly remarkable, for now as you shoot, each loading becomes easier not more difficult!
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