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   “It’s more than a rifle---it’s history”


The Hawken Shop®

These components are not replacement parts for original Hawken rifles. 

All Hawken rifles are hand made using components that are hand fitted to individual rifles in the true Hawken tradition.




 Please note: Our furnishings are for custom built rifles. They are not drop in replacements for any factory built rifle.

Tristam Campbell trigger gaurd.
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Gemmer Dimmick trigger gaurd 9"
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Sharon trigger gaurd 6 1/2"
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Buckhorn rear sight
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Faux double set trigger
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Faux trigger single set 
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Long Buttplate
Length - 5" 
Width - 1.300" 
Comb Length - 3" 
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Tristam Campbell buttplate
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Short Buttplate 
Length - 4 3/4" 
Width - 1.300" 
Comb Length - 3" 
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Four piece conversion kit. #F4
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Now you can upgrade your productlon rifle with one of our conversion units. These have been designed for those who wish to replace the non traditional brass of your production rifle with more original iron components. 
The Hawken Shop has redesigned and stylized 3 key parts. The buttplate, trigger guard, and nosecap have been changed from brass to iron and each give a more authentic appearance. In addition, we have recreated a long bar sight for those who desire to replace their adjustable rear sight with a more traditional one for competition and primitive shooting. 

These components are available individually or in kit form, and come with easy to follow instructions. 
Trigger Guard 
Designed after an original guard we have affixed installation plates at front and rear to facilitate ease of 
installation for many of the new generation of muzzle loading firearms including TC, CVA, Traditions and many 
other half stock style rifles. 
Cast of steel and adapled to the TC or similar prodtiction rifle.
Stylized version of a Hawken steel cap capable of being fitted to the standard production rifle. 
Long Rear Sight 
A versatile buckhorn rear sight mounted on a long bar to enable mounting on production rifles. Merely drill the 
base to correspond with present holes and use original mounting hardware.

Note- All items are furnished in an "as cast condition", ready for your finishing 
.itchbox kits of pineapple design are also available. 

Conversion Nosecap 
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Conversion rear sight
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Conversion buttplate
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Conversion trigger gaurd
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Entry Pipe
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Ramrod Pipe
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1" Nosecap 
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